El primer baile de novios está de moda ( todavía ) ?

Recientemente, el portal de bodas Zankyou México publicó un artículo preguntando si este momento de la boda seguía tendiendo validez dadas las nuevas tendencias y gustos de quienes están por casarse.

Al parecer, para muchas parejas, así es. En lo que respecta a la fotografía de bodas, este sigue siendo un momento, además de estelar para los recién casados, suele estar rodeado de un toque romántico único que se traduce en fotografías únicas.

Aquí algunas de mis tomas favoritas, espero que les gusten.


04.05 Candace + Justyn Casa Macumba Puerto Vallarta_2049-5

A veces la emoción se contagia más allá de los invitados.


En ocasiones, puede ser el momento perfecto para dedicarle esa canción al ser amado.


O, ser el preambulo a una bonita sorpresa para sus invitados.


160122_EmilieyRaul_LiMe fotografia Puerto Vallarta Beach Wedding photographer Hilton Vallarta_191352

El primer baile de novios puede dar paso a un cuadro familiar único.


Como sea, es un momento ideal y único para cada pareja.


Llegaron las vacaciones! 5 tips para fotografiar niños.

Las vacaciones familiares ya están aquí y con ellas la posibilidad de viajar y de pasar tiempo divirtiéndose en familia. Como padre de familia quiero atesorar esos momentos de juegos, aventuras, risas y travesuras de mis niñas de la mejor forma posible, y para ello intento usar estos pequeños trucos para hacer que las imágenes hechas tengan ese toque de vida y preserve la emoción de esta etapa de las pequeñas.

  • HAZTE CHIQUITO: No lo digo de forma literal, obviamente, más bien me refiero a mover el ángulo de la cámara a la altura del ( los) pequeño(s), con ello nos podemos acercar más a su mundo y apreciar lo que les interesa.


  • O MUUY GRANDE. Lo opuesto también funciona, puedes adoptar una posición que te permita ver a los pequeños desde un punto muy alto para darle un aspecto distinto.


  • ACERCATE MUCHO: Una forma de captar en profundidad lo que están haciendo los niños es estándo realmente y hacernos sentir parte de la acción.


  • SOLO DETALLES: A veces, un retrato que hable por si mismo no muestra claramente a las personas.

Puerto_Vallarta_Beach_family_Photographer_LiMe_fotografia_1607151919160619_Familia_Sanchez_LiMe_fotografia_Beach_photographer_Bucerias_11115203.05 Fam Pérez Torres_194729Y finalmente, pero, a veces el más importante:

  • DEJA A LOS NIÑOS SER NIÑOS: En múltiples ocasiones me he encontrado con que a los adultos los altera mucho que los niños no se estén quietos, o sonrían de la manera perfecta, etc. , sin embargo, para ellos ( los niños) será mucho más cómodo y atractivo hacer lo que saben: jugar! Y esos momentos pueden ser mucho más invaluables.

Puerto_Vallarta_Beach_family_Photographer_LiMe_fotografia_1406101438Beach family pictures Puerto Vallarta LiMe fotografia de familia _09371722016-07-18 10.45.22-2Puerto_Vallarta_Beach_family_Photographer_LiMe_fotografia_1603151948

Espero les sean de utilidad y que disfruten mucho de sus vacaciones en familia.

Very Mexican details for your wedding.

In the recent weddings, I’ve had the honor to work in, it came to my attention numerous cool decoration details that added that special Mexican flavor and color to their celebration. And I wanted to share it with the brides-to-be that are planning to get married in any spot of this wonderful country.


  • TEQUILA SHOTS: There is not any other Mexican drink more representative than tequila, and surely helps perfectly to turn the fun on! Fiesta!1612271950_lime_fotografia_puerto_vallarta_wedding_photography
  • PAPEL PICADO: these colorful paper flags are a fantastic and not expensive decoration option for the reception area, and even they could be personalized with the newlyweds’ names.1612271946_lime_fotografia_puerto_vallarta_wedding_photography
  • TABLE ASSIGNMENT DOLLS: Besides being a useful and beautiful name holder, it’s an immediate souvenir for the guests. 1612271951_lime_fotografia_puerto_vallarta_wedding_photography
  • MARIACHI: There’s nothing better than live music, and if it happens to be the lively and typical from Mexico you can rest assured your guests will enjoy a wonderful experience. And it’s the best match to the tequila shots 😉 .1612271947_lime_fotografia_puerto_vallarta_wedding_photography
  • MARACAS: These ones are multi-purpose, they could be used to greet the newly weds on their way out of the ceremony, to ask them for a kiss ( instead of the traditional tinkling a glass) , and a nice treat for the guests – and they could be customized with the wedding colours and bride & groom names, too! –1612271949_lime_fotografia_puerto_vallarta_wedding_photography
  • DIA DE MUERTOS CENTER PIECES: You can incorporate one of the most renowned Mexican celebrations in your wedding decor by using these characters.1612271945_lime_fotografia_puerto_vallarta_wedding_photography


Happy holidays!


May you enjoy a season filled with love!

Yazmin + Kyle Beach Wedding Preview

16.12.11 Yazmin + Kyle from Raul Perez A on Vimeo.

How to make the most out of your photo session in a Mexican Beach.

So you have decided to hire a photographer to make some amazing pictures of you during your vacation to one of many beautiful beaches in Mexico. Perfect plan! Now, I’d like to share with you some super useful tips I’ve learned during my experience as a working photographer in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit that will make your pictures look better, as well as make the experience pleasant, too.

Consider the time of the day and season.

The most basic pillar of any photography is the lightning, and, as you might be planning on some outdoor shots, the time of the day will change dramatically the look of your photos. Usually, we, the photographers prefer to work early in the morning  -a bit later than sunrise- or late in the afternoon – close to the sunset- as the quality of light is better and make wonderful backgrounds. For instance, on the Pacific coast, sunsets are spectacular.

fotos de boda en playa Palladium Resort Punta de Mita Nayarit sunset

As well, the season of the year will determine from the point sun is rising and setting to the chances of having a cloudy day, plus the heat factor.

Take into consideration what to wear.

Of course you want to look awesome in your pictures, and one of the easiest way to help your photographer to accomplish that goal is what you decide to wear, and here I’m referring to some more things than just the outfit, but first, let’s tackle that point.

In terms of your clothes, I always suggest that it has to be comfortable so you can enjoy the whole process – however, try to avoid very loose garments -. In regards to colors, light plain ones work the best. White is welcome but could be difficult to handle in very bright situations or if your skin tone is dark.

Finally, I usually ask my clients, if their session is happening some days after they arrived at the destination is to use sunscreen lotion, mainly on the face in order to prevent severe sunburn marks.

11-18_memorick_vallarta_104937-2LiMe fotografia wedding photography Puerto Vallarta_131226_1046

Be open to different ideas.

It is totally understandable that you decided to get your pictures taken on the beach as part of the vacation, however, you could be surprised with the beauties and interesting spots you might haven’t heard about but your photographer does, from different landscapes to architectural gems or places that represent the local tradition. If you agree in going that direction it is very likely that your pictures have that unique taste of the unexpected.

Lime Fotografia de bodas  Puerto Vallarta Wedding photography _140919Yolanda+Adrian093998Puerto Vallarta beach wedding photography LiMe fotografia de bodas en playa Novios-140115Puerto Vallarta beach wedding photography LiMe fotografia de bodas en playa Novios-131024-2




N+K Intimate beach wedding at Casa Karma, Puerto Vallarta

One of the best answers I’ve heard of brides and grooms on why do they decide about a beach wedding in Puerto Vallarta is because they can keep it very intimate, and only their closest beloved ones will join. And this time, it was the same thing. From the venue ( Casa Karma, which is a stylish ocean front boutique hotel) to the wedding dress to the vows exchange was so personal and heart filled and filling. There is no way I could not be greatful to share days like these.