How to make the most out of your photo session in a Mexican Beach.

So you have decided to hire a photographer to make some amazing pictures of you during your vacation to one of many beautiful beaches in Mexico. Perfect plan! Now, I’d like to share with you some super useful tips I’ve learned during my experience as a working photographer in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit that will make your pictures look better, as well as make the experience pleasant, too.

Consider the time of the day and season.

The most basic pillar of any photography is the lightning, and, as you might be planning on some outdoor shots, the time of the day will change dramatically the look of your photos. Usually, we, the photographers prefer to work early in the morning  -a bit later than sunrise- or late in the afternoon – close to the sunset- as the quality of light is better and make wonderful backgrounds. For instance, on the Pacific coast, sunsets are spectacular.

fotos de boda en playa Palladium Resort Punta de Mita Nayarit sunset

As well, the season of the year will determine from the point sun is rising and setting to the chances of having a cloudy day, plus the heat factor.

Take into consideration what to wear.

Of course you want to look awesome in your pictures, and one of the easiest way to help your photographer to accomplish that goal is what you decide to wear, and here I’m referring to some more things than just the outfit, but first, let’s tackle that point.

In terms of your clothes, I always suggest that it has to be comfortable so you can enjoy the whole process – however, try to avoid very loose garments -. In regards to colors, light plain ones work the best. White is welcome but could be difficult to handle in very bright situations or if your skin tone is dark.

Finally, I usually ask my clients, if their session is happening some days after they arrived at the destination is to use sunscreen lotion, mainly on the face in order to prevent severe sunburn marks.

11-18_memorick_vallarta_104937-2LiMe fotografia wedding photography Puerto Vallarta_131226_1046

Be open to different ideas.

It is totally understandable that you decided to get your pictures taken on the beach as part of the vacation, however, you could be surprised with the beauties and interesting spots you might haven’t heard about but your photographer does, from different landscapes to architectural gems or places that represent the local tradition. If you agree in going that direction it is very likely that your pictures have that unique taste of the unexpected.

Lime Fotografia de bodas  Puerto Vallarta Wedding photography _140919Yolanda+Adrian093998Puerto Vallarta beach wedding photography LiMe fotografia de bodas en playa Novios-140115Puerto Vallarta beach wedding photography LiMe fotografia de bodas en playa Novios-131024-2




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