Alyssa + Dave: what do you need for a great beach wedding? 2 people in love, a minister and Puerto Vallarta. Wedding Photography by Lime fotografía

Some weeks ago I had the chance of witnessing how a really emotional and beautiful beach wedding could be cooked in a couple of days. My new friend,  minister- mom- DJ- almost newly wed- wedding coordinator, Staci Nichols , called to see if I was available for a couple hours next day to shoot a little ceremony she was carrying on, fortunately , I was, so happily I jumped in.

We met and drove down to Conchas Chinas area ( one of the most beautiful spots in Puerto Vallarta ). On the way she told me how this couple decided over a dinner to turn their winter vacation into their dream beach wedding , and the ride began.

Staci shared with me her “magical spot” a small semi secluded beach where the rocks, the sand, the waves and the sunset are nothing less than magical. It was the perfect place and the perfect moment; in the company of a handful of close friends, the minister, a group of musicians that they found during the previous evening dinner and I, Dave and Alyssa decided to bond their lives.

As a wedding photographer, I am pretty sensitive to all these small details that show during a wedding, and I can say that the way they looked each other, they held hands, they kissed,  were, so far, some of the most emotional moments I’ve seen.

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